Student Ministry

Student Ministry

Roots Student Ministries is a place where any 5th-12th grader is welcome!  We exist to root disciples in love through fun, fellowship, passionate worship, dynamic service, and genuine care for one another. We meet every Wednesday night from 6:30-8 in the Worship Center.  We would love to have you join us! Questions about our ministry or the events we do? Contact Pastor Wes Pate!

This week, try investing in your kid’s friends by offering to have them over. You don’t have to plan a party. Just ask your kid what they’re doing this week. Maybe it’s . . .

  • studying for a test.
  • watching Netflix.
  • shopping for a homecoming dress.
  • watching the game.

Then ask, “Do you want to invite ______ to come over while you do that?”

When their friends come over, make an effort to just “be around.” You don’t have to watch the movie with them, but be there to greet them. Ask how they’re doing. Offer snacks. When you do, you’re communicating that you care about them and you’re making an investment that will pay off over and over again.

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