Fall 2018 Connection Group Guide:

Time // Leader // Location

Sunday – 6pm // Dusten & Jocelyn Bybee // Harris Home

Monday – 6:30pm // Thom & Laurie McCluskey // McCluskey Home

Tuesday – 5:30pm // Josh & Valerie Ratliff // Ratliff Home

Tuesday – 7pm // Earl & Yvonne Beasley // Sawyer Home

Tuesday – 7pm // Michaela Wickham // Blue Hill (SWU)

Wednesday – 6:30pm // Robert & Melanie Wright // Fireside Room*

Wednesday – 6:30pm // Joy Duncan // Dining Room*

Thursday – 6:30pm // Jen Mealy // Green Room (SWU)

Saturday – 6:30pm // Mark & Renee Fiskeau // Fireside Room*

*This group meets on-site at Welcome

Our Connection Groups provide great opportunities for you to enjoy the fellowship of others pursuing growth in Christ. These Connection Groups are more than just a Bible Study- they engage group members at their level of need and allow each one the opportunity to grow in greater love toward one another and towards Christ!
We currently have groups meeting in the evenings from Saturday-Thursday. If you are interested in more information on Connection Groups or would like to join a group please contact:

Michaela Wickham
C: (803) 673-4008